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Specific Uses For ProductHydration
Skin TypeNormal
Recommended Uses For ProductBlemishes
Item Weight0.07 Pounds
Item Volume30 Millilitres
Item Dimensions LxWxH50 x 40 Millimeters
Material FeatureNatural


About this item

  • Specially formulated to correct and cover up blemishes, exfoliacgolden tinted anti-imperfections treatment helps eliminate impurities
  • Enriched in natural pigments and micro-sponges, it matifies the skin, absorbs excess sebum and provides the daily moisturisation the skin needs
  • Provides the daily moisturisation the skin needs


Its patented complex supports elimination of imperfections, limits the bacterial proliferation and regulates the sebaceous secretion. Enriched in natural pigments, in micro-sponges and moisturising agents, this care mattifies your skin, absorbing the sebum excess, masks the imperfections and brings the necessary daily hydration. It enables traceless makeup results.

Exfoliac BB Cream - Noreva

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